Freedom Seekers

This isn't your typical motorcycle club.
If you are looking for a club who has ridiculous initiation periods, pay dues and other things, this isn't the club for you.  Fun and clean/sober fellowship with friends is what we are all about!  Freedom Seekers has a two-fold meaning: 1) Being free'd up from the burdens in life.  These burdens can be addictions, past hurts, bad habits, grief over the loss of a loved one or anything that weighs you down.  2) Freedom Seekers love the feeling of freedom when you go out on the road on your bike.  We don't require any types of bikes or riders.  Women are free to join the club and wives are always preferred members of the club.  Join today!  No cost!  We have patches, T-Shirts and other merch available for purchase if you desire.  We do recommend you get a patch as a member, but never required. Find your Freedom today!
*Not affiliated with Freedom Seekers Motorcycle Club, Inc - Rome, Georgia*
Live Free!
"Freedom is the open window through which pours the sunlight of the human spirit and human dignity.”                  - Herbert Hoover

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